Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week Two-IOLE in Second Life

Hello all,

This is a belated post. I have had an extreme amount of difficulty typing since my shoulder surgery three weeks ago. My work seems to be piling up on me. I have trained my voice to text program and soon hope that it enables me to catch up on the blogs for this class as well as other work that I must do for my students.

So, here goes. I will share with you what my exploits have been in Second Life this past class week Friday thru Thursday.

Along with being a student in Second Life I am also an educator. starting this course last week reminded me of my time being instructed on how to teach courses in Second Life. So, I revisited my teacher/friend's display at the ARCHI 21 of her Cybergogy model, which she taught me in a six week course for Drury University.not only is this model effective for creating lesson plans to teach within Second Life but the virtual rendition pictured below passes out notecards for educational purposes by clicking on it.

It is the experience of Leslie Scopes a.k.a. Light Sequent that prompted me to take this module as she had difficulties maintaining ownership of her intellectual property within Second Life and the Internet.

Cybergogy ala Lesley Scopes aka Light Sequent

Scopes, Lesley J.M. (2009) Learning archetypes as tools of Cybergogy for a 3D educational landscape: a structure for eTeaching in Second Life. University of Southampton, School of Education, Masters Thesis, 103pp.


Drury University

I also visited the Online Education Sim that is Drury University, as we are preparing to welcome new students for the next eight weeks.

The following courses are offered through Drury University this quarter:
PSYC 0240: Social Psychology
 with avatar Fenix Muhindra
RELG  0204: Intro to History of Christianity
with avatar ClementG
PHY S 0110: Elementary Astronomy
with avatar Orion Haystack

Burn 2 Poster
Saturday and Sunday
I spent a majority of my time in Second Life on the weekend going to a celebration of art. There was so much to see! the interactive creativity exposed to the world through this medium was inspiring. It was impossible for me to view it all due to my  time constraints.

Burning Man 2 Aerial view
"BURN2 is an extension of the Burning Man festival and community into the world of Second Life. It is an officially sanctioned Burning Man regional event, the only virtual world event out of more than 100 real world Regional groups, and the ONLY Regional to burn the Man"

Giants Are Among Us


Monday's in Second Life are spent counseling my clients. There will be no pictures of that process but I spend six hours every Monday evening helping people, in the form of avatars, manage their mental and emotional issues.

Happy Halloween - Burning Man style

Tuesday's time in Second Life was spent hunting down Halloween costumes. Halloween is a special time in Second Life and there are many themed sims to visit  for this time of year. Here's a picture of me in one of my new costumes at Burn2 flying on a butterfly over the moon.

I will include more pictures of hollowing costumes in next week's blog.


Every Wednesday evening I go to the PhotoHunt. this week we went to a lost world in Land of Glory. there were 27 hunters and the picture shows ribbons on the winners for this episode.
I particularly like taking pictures within Second Life because you have the opportunity to change the colors of the world that you see by using something called when my in the simple drop-down menu. Here you see an example of my use of when my to produce a completely different feeling of the same scene.
Land of Glory Original

Land of Glory Windlight adjustment

IOLE 12 Dublin Institute of Technology
I created an SL group "Dream Team 2" to facilitate  communication between group members for the module project as well as passed an SL note card with my contact information to the class. This was in hopes that it would make the collaboration of ideas a little simpler considering I live in the USA and my team mates as well as classmates live in Ireland sans one other American.

The class focused on personal branding. I gave an "Elevator Pitch" to promote Fenix within the class as sort of an introduction and listened intently to others give theirs.

Also, throughout this week I have created profiles or pages on most social media websites for Fenix Muhindra to meet the requirements of this course.

So, another blog is written for better or for worse. I have learned quite a bit about the construction and publishing of a blog along with enjoying different aspects of my class and classmates.

Until next time ~



  1. I like your 'journal' approach, Fenix. You have a very busy second life!

  2. Thanks, Tae, I'm not exactly sure of that I am covering the assignment correctly and I know that I am still behind. The blog regarding the objectives of the course is still only halfway complete. However, I am determined to give you what you have assigned. I am enjoying the class and moving as quickly as I can. The recovery from my shoulder surgery is going more slowly than I expected when I signed up for the module.

  3. Thanks for the examples of "Land of Glory" - either way, a lovely image. And I took your idea to make an SL group for my team, also. I know it will assist in our information sharing (my name was less imaginative, however: IOLE12 Project).

  4. I checked out BURN2 briefly because of your twitter post! It's crazy that Burning Man would exist in Second life as well. Everything truly is there! Your halloween costume was amazing by the way!!!


    1. Thanks!! I am glad that you went to visit Burn2. Celebrations and events in SL can be laggy and a bit difficult to manage but are usually worth the trouble.