Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Here She Goes Again!


An internal conversation erupted, after reading an email a few weeks ago, that kinda went like this:

A new class, really? You don't have enough on your plate? It's in Second Life?

Fenix! you just cant seem to stay out of that place!
  • You counsel at your office there
  • You teach classes for Drury there
  • You go to meetings there
  • You build things
  • You ride motorcycles
  • You photograph everything
  • You hang out with that global bunch of friends
  • going to live concerts and festivals
  • shopping/exploring
  • parties

And NOW you think you have to go to a class at the Dublin Institute of Technology in your beloved Second Life of all places!


On 10/11/12 Fenix got her wish and  joined her instructor 'Accupa Tae', guest speakers and classmates in Second Life(SL) at the Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT). We were tasked, among other things, to visit three places in SL and then describe them in a blog which should be then tweeted.

First, I went to a familiar place to gather ideas about where I would like to visit. The picture shows the Photo Gallery for the Virtual Artists Alliance competitive group called "Photohunt" owned and operated for several years by Dave Koi. Here  there are hundreds, maybe thousands(all told) of snapshots taken in Second Life of various simulations(virtual land) with information on how to teleport(tp) to the land.

 A classmate, Dudley Dreamscape, was online and I tp'd him to my location to share the bounty. He encouraged me to blog about this area. The landmark is embedded in the caption of the photo for all to visit. I compete with other avid photographers each week for bragging rights and Linden Dollars, the Second Life currency, which is able to be converted to actual cash in my real life bank.

Blood City (starbucks inc.) and the Dark Forest.
Mieka Birdsong and Eso  Darkrose

Next on my journey was a Vampires Haven where I participated in the Blood Dolls ceremony.I met up with one of the owners, Mieka. I had met her quite some time ago in the Photohunt. She calls herself a "Reluctant Vampire" but the place that she and her friend has created is a tastefully done dark and foreboding place with intricate structures like the church where I am rained in blood as well as wonderful forest landscapes.

cutiepie.feiri, twinklestarlight, addictedhottie,and Ronan Wardark

Since I love photography and the surprises that are in-store around every corner of a new sim. I had to visit 'Addicted!' after seeing the photos displayed of it at the photo gallery, just for the sheer beauty. There are so many items that it is difficult to know where to look next. This Dali-esque vignette caught my eye for a snapshot. The words, surreal, fantasy and pretty come to mind while strolling around this watery sim.

A Rusted Development
Haveit Neox Linden Endowment for the Arts

Another surreal sim "A Rusted Development" to be true it is one of my favorites. I have been here many times. I have taken maybe 30 pictures at different times here because there is so much in the way of unusual beauty. I learned about the artist Haveit Neox at Second Life's 9 year birthday party. I visited his other creations and had a long and friendly Instant Message (IM) conversation with him during that time.

Snapshot _ Squallor _NH_ Wasteland Buildings, The Wastelands (1
Squallor _NH_ Wasteland Buildings, The Wastelands

 Finally, this evening I traveled with a friend to an old sim 'The Wastelands' where he honed his skills of SL craftsmanship and scripting. While sitting together he described the fun that he and his friends had perfecting weapons, vehicles and other assorted objects. Hanging on the walls were interesting abstract drawings. This is a self portrait by neon hammerer.

Tomorrow is my REZ (birthday)day! I will be four years old. I am still amazed at the beauty and wonder that is SL and it's residents! There are friends here that I would never have met. Places here that I could never have imagined. Opportunities that were never on my horizon before!

I have learned this week the setting up of a Twitter account, the minimum of manipulating and writing a blog, and the briefest information regarding a couple of classmates. I have also learned that much is taken for granted with the intellectual properties of creators in SL. I hope that I did alright in the crediting of the artists within this blog but I realize that it was a minimal and sloppy attempt. I look forward to what this module"Is One Life Enough" will teach me regarding the best way to accomplish such things.

Until next time :)

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  1. Wonderful places! This is more of what I think of when I think of SL - relatively unlimited possibilities as the imagination runs free.